One of the most common questions I get from parents that have booked a session for their baby is what shall they wear?

It’s an exciting thing to prepare for and you want to get it right!

Over the last year I have started to build up a wardrobe full of clothes for little baby boys and girls so that people don’t have to worry.  Photo shoots cost money, I’d rather you not have to buy clothing as well!

I have been doing this for a few years now and not only have I developed a style that I like, I also know it looks good and helps to makes a baby photograph as cute as it can be.

My clothing is a big part of the overall look – because it’s not distracting.  I want the babies that I photograph to look like babies.  I know it can be tempting to buy lots of grown up clothing – shirts, jeans, dresses etc when they are little.  I do it for mine all the time.  But ultimately when we look back at the photographs we have of them as a baby we more often than not say -they look so little!!  I want my photographs to emphasise this point.  They have their whole life to dress smart.

The clothes I have in my studio wardrobe are simple, casual, comfortable, babyish and super cute! They aren’t too formal and they add character without taking away from the baby.

Here are my top reasons to follow my guidance on clothing – whether you use my clothes or buy your own for the session.

You get to see all their little details - chubby baby feet and hand dimples

Little vests, baby grows and knickers mean that all of their baby features can be seen – baby feet don’t stay chubby forever, and one day those hand dimples will also be gone!  Get them photographed before it’s too late.

The clothing compliments the baby 'cheekyness'

With my first child I was desperate to dress him in ‘big boy clothes’ but actually it’s the little leggings and baby outfits that emphasise their cheekiness.  They don’t take away from the photo they just give extra character to those adorable funny faces that they pull.

Baby Chub needs to be seen!

Enough said really!  I just love the rolls that babies have.  The creases in the thighs and wrists are just gorgeous and shouldn’t be covered up!

Baby pot belly's don't stay forever!

The baby pot belly is something they all have, however small or big they are.  It’s unique to this age and one of my favourite things to capture.

It helps them to look as small as they really are

Nothing better than a simple baby grow or vest to really capture the baby’s size.  It’s just them, in the big world!

It allows movement to be captured on camera

My studio clothing is all chosen so that each baby can move freely.  Often they are trying to crawl, walk or roll so having dresses that they catch their feet on or tight jeans can be a pain for them at a time when we want them to be happy!

You get to play dress up without the cost

My clothing allows you to treat yourself to new things without breaking the bank!  Allow yourself to shop amongst my small studio wardrobe and walk away with beautiful photographs without having to pay extra.

Who needs clothes anyway!

Often the photos I love the most the baby doesn’t have clothes in anyway!

Nothing says cute like a squidgy baby bum!

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