It’s so hard to some yourself up,  I struggle with this part of the website.  So this is me in a nutshell!

I am a Maidenhead based photographer and thirty something mum of two boys, with a 2.5 year age gap.  They keep me very busy!  I have been photographing families and children professionally for coming up to 4 years.  Working in the corporate world in London before children, took it’s toll on me and I wanted to do something local when my first child was born.  I was torn as I loved my background in marketing and sales; working with people to get products they really value is very satisfying, especially when you truly believe in what you sell.  However I also had also started a photography course with The Photography Institute before I became pregnant, which ignited a passion for newborn photography that I had never taken too seriously (I suppose until then I hadn’t experienced too many newborn babies).  So when my first child was born I became utterly obsessed (as most do) with capturing all of those details.  I would look at how the light fell on his face, how I could get the shot without waking him.  Then the older he got the more I wanted to capture those newborn details so I trained with amazing newborn photographers such as Tracy Wallis and Yasmine Anne and then took on more work.

As my children got older, my work changed and became more diverse.  I started to photograph babies and families too and I now see myself as someone that photographs pretty much all of life apart from weddings (at this moment)!

I really pride myself on being able to form genuine connections with kids.  I have always been the one that ends up dancing with the children at family parties, playing with friends kids rather than listening to what the adults have to say.  I just love how simple and exciting their worlds are.

You can’t get good photography without understanding that all children are different, so I have a very flexible approach, which I think helps them to trust me.

If you have any reservations or questions, please give me a call!  I have been in your boat many times and know how overwhelming the thought of a photo shoot can be, especially if you have many children to organise (and a husband or wife that isn’t too keen or confident).  I will always be able to work with you to find a solution that fits your family the best.

I think that’s enough about me anyway!  Here is a photo taken by the lovely Anna Allan of Anna Allen Photography

As seen on Vogue

I am lucky enough to have had several images published on Vogue Italia

Award winning photographer

My work has been recognised by the Guild of Photographers, I have been featured by highly respected photography blogs such as Soul Focus and have learnt my Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP)

I’m currently doing a personal project – photographing my kids every day in 2019.


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