Are you near Windsor and Maidenhead and desperate to get photos of your baby or toddler while they are this cute and little?

Babies, one year olds and toddlers are all brilliant and so different to photograph.  Maybe you have missed a newborn session and want to get your baby photographed as they are now, before it’s too late.  Or perhaps you had newborn photos and want to track their development within their first year.  Whatever your reason I can accommodate it in the studio or within your home.

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Option 1- Fun, relaxing photography in my Maidenhead studio


“Thank you so much for the gallery, the photos are absolutely wonderful!!!!”

I can photograph babies from any age, but the best baby age after newborn is around 7 months.  At this point they are usually sitting, not crawling and super smiley.  Photo shoots are also a lovely excuse to record your child’s first birthday, either with balloons or a cake.

If you have older toddlers they are also welcome at the studio, we can discuss whether you think indoor or outdoor photography suits their personality the best.

baby touching her toes

“I love your natural style”

Studio sessions for babies and toddlers usually take around 40 minutes.  I find this is around the right amount of time before they get fed up!  We get a mixture of pictures of them playing, lying/ sitting or jumping on the bed, cuddling you and any other family members if they attend.  I have a choice of beautiful wooden toys for them to play with to ensure distraction incase they are a bit unsure of the new environment.  I am a mum of two boys myself so I understand that all children need different approaches so I always try to get to know the baby a bit before we start.

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Option 2 - Candid photos of your baby with the family

In the comfort of your home

(areas covered - Windsor, Maidenhead, Holyport, Bray, Binfield, Marlow, Bracknell ,Wokingham, Reading, Slough and surrounding areas)

baby on bed looking up

“Oh Fiona the pictures are absolutely amazing, photos to treasure forever!!!

I also offer ‘In Home’ photo shoots for those that want their images to include their home comforts and setting.  These tend to take roughly 1 hour and follow a lifestyle approach to include a mixture of pictures of your baby in their cot / on the bed / playing in the nursery / snuggled with you on the sofa and any natural candid moments that take place.  This is a good option if you’d like to have the photos that you would take yourself if you could, for example your baby playing in their natural surroundings.  It is preferable that you have good light in at least two rooms for this to happen, if you are unsure we can always discuss and decide which is better – studio or at home.


“Wow, wow, wow.  They are all such wonderful photos, thank you sooooo much”.

After your studio or home session the wait for your gallery is usually around 2 weeks, and as I know you will be desperate to see some before then I normally share one or two on my Facebook or Instagram page as a preview.  You will receive a gallery of watermarked images to look at and then choose your favourites and which additional packages you may like.  I include a colour and black and white version of each photo included in the gallery, so for everyone that you chose you get both.  This is all done within the comfort of your own home, so no added pressure from me.

mum with her two boys

Post photo shoot: A choice of packages to suit your budget and style

I also offer digital packages as well as beautiful products to make the most of the images you buy and ensure they don’t end up sat in a drawer.  During your session I will show you the different products that I can provide should you wish to purchase beautiful artwork of your baby to display in your home, or keepsakes to treasure forever and pass down to them when they are older.

Visit my price page to find out more about this, or just scroll down.

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Pricing & Collections

Step 1

Book in your session by paying a session fee

Weekday Session Fee

  • approx 1 hour photoshoot

Weekend Session Fee

  • approx 1 hour photoshoot

Step 2

Choose your collection once you've seen your photos

Silver Collection

  • Your favourite 10 images provided on USB

Gold Collection

  • All your images USB to keep
  • 5 prints up to A4 size
  • £50 credit for future sessions included

Platinum Collection

  • All your images USB to keep
  • 5 prints up to A4 size
  • One custom piece of artwork from my collection
  • £50 credit for future sessions included

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do photo shoots take? Usually around 45 minutes  but we are lead by the baby or child so it can  be longer or shorter.
  • What should I wear?  I will send you a guide once you have booked.  There is no need to buy new clothes for your photo shoot, but my guide will help to get the best possible photos - keeping the focus on the connection between you and your baby.  My preference is neutral, pastel clothing.
  • What should I bring to the studio?  Just the baby and your baby bag full of what you normally need.  Plus a white or grey baby grow and any family treasures such as a shawl or teddy that you may like them photographed with
  • What happens if my baby cries?  We are led by the baby and I  take a very gentle approach.  I am a mum of two boys so I know how different children can be in new environments.
  • How far do you travel for home sessions?  Within an hour of Maidenhead
  • Do we need to move furniture around?  No, the idea of a home session is that it is a record of your life as a new family in your home.  It should be left as it is but it is important that we have enough light, so if your house is particularly dark then a studio session may be better.
  • Do we get all the photos?  Your session fee doesn't include any images. You can choose which collection you would like either up front, or after viewing the online gallery.
  • What happens if my baby gets ill before?  I am used to dealing with colds and editing out snotty noses! But if your child is really  not themselves we can always work around it and rearrange.

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