On Friday I was asked to photograph the Prime Minister attending a special event for Braywick Court School in Maidenhead.

The PTA had worked really hard to transform an unused piece of land to a wonderful nature space for the children.  The garden now includes bug hotels, hedge hog corners, many different plants, seating areas for the children to read and learn outside, bird feeders, tunnels, and plenty of other learning opportunities in the fresh air.

The garden has been named ‘Hasna’s Garden’, in memory of the sister of two of the children that attend the school.  She very sadly passed away as a baby.

Theresa May was asked to officially open the garden and the children were so excited to show her its different features, especially the bug hotel and the bug house.  When asked by the Prime Minister what the difference was between a bug hotel and a bug house, they replied – “the hotel is much more fun!” Yep, sounds about right.

She also very graciously answered the question put to her by one of the reception class – “Have you met the queen?  She is the one who is in charge, isn’t she?’

The sense of community spirit was really in the air and the head teacher, Gemma Donnelly hit the nail on the head when she explained to the children how a tragedy can often bring people together.

The thing that really struck me, was that in a world amongst selfies, it was lovely to see the children asking for autographs.  It’s not often you see that these days; people just want the quick fix of a photograph that they can share in an instant.  It was lovely to see the children put so much value on her signing their books and paper.

Theresa May signing an autograph

Whatever you think about her, Theresa May certainly made 100 or so children very happy on a Friday afternoon and I think everyone appreciated her staying as long as she did.  I’m sure the children will have hours of fun learning and exploring in this amazing space.

Theresa May-opens-school-nature-garden

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