So over the last few months I have been surprised by how many people finish their newborn photo session and say they had no idea how much they’d enjoy it.  It made me realise that perhaps people don’t know what to expect, so here is a little over view of what goes on.

First of all, once you are here we go straight into the studio (which is in my garden) where the session takes place. I will offer you a drink and get you relaxed.  If you have older children, they will be given a tour of the things they have access to in the garden and I will help them to feel at ease.   If they are happy you will be happy and the session will go smoothly, so this is always a priority for me, to make sure they feel at home and safe.

We then get the baby undressed and change nappy, if they need a top up this is where they will have one.  You are welcome to feed in private if you wish.

The room is kept nice and warm as the baby is likely to be undressed or wearing less clothes than usual.  Keeping them warm ensures that they are happy and not upset.  I also have white noise playing, I use womb sounds that sooth the baby and mean that I can move them without it bothering them.

newborn baby with brothers

If you have an older sibling I will call them into various shots as we go.  I find this works better than putting lots of pressure on a the beginning or the end of the session being all about them.  They can come in and out of the shot freely and kiss their new baby brother or sister or hold them if they are old enough.

newborn baby sleeping

If your baby needs to stop for feeding / changing then we stop and take our time.  The session is totally led by them.

At the end of the session you are encouraged to get in photos with your children if you want to.  I take close ups of you cuddling them and some candid shots of you all together.  This is a lovely time as I don’t need to direct or pose you too much – it’s all about those natural moments.

newborn baby toes
I will explain at the beginning that it is absolutely fine if your baby has an accident on me or on any of the blankets that they lie on. People seem to worry about this happening but it is all part of the job!  You should also prepare for an accident by bringing a change of clothes!

The session usually takes around 2 hours from start to finish but sometimes it will take more which is fine.

Once we are finished, your baby usually wants another feed, so you are welcome to stay and make sure they will be happy for the journey home.

After your session I know you are dying to see a photo from the day, so I usually post one on my social media platforms for you to see / share / tag yourselves.  Then within the next two weeks I will send you a link to your gallery where you can choose your favourites.

This is when you decide what images you’d like and how you’d like to display them.  You will have lots to choose from, close ups of the baby, baby on their own, baby with any teddies or special items, baby with you and your partner individually and together and with siblings and then family photos.
I really love working with new babies.  It is such a privilege and I feel that these sessions should be a special day within your first two weeks as a new family.  I should be enhancing your day rather than stressing you out!  I hope my previous clients will agree about this!
Sometimes, I will have already met you for your maternity session so we will already know each other and hopefully be at ease.  If you don’t know me and this is our first meeting, I promise I will help you relax.  I have three boys myself, and I know what it feels like to be within that newborn fog of the first few weeks.  My aim is to make this as stress free and comfortable for you as possible.
I hope you found this useful and interesting!  Please get in contact if you’d like to know more or book a newborn session