Thank you for booking your session with me.  I promise you to make it as stress free and relaxing as possible!

You are probably wondering two things: what do I need to bring and what do I need to wear?

What do I need to bring?

mum looking at her newborn baby

Bring your change bag with the usual items you take anywhere.  Make sure you have enough milk for a few feeds just incase baby is particularly hungry.  Please also pack couple of baby grows; white, grey, baby pink or baby blue are preferable.  If there are any teddy bears or blankets that are particularly special then do bring those too.  It’s always nice to get photographs with special items included but do not feel like you  have to.

baby being winded

What do I need to wear?

You will have seen in my portfolio that I advise people to wear white, grey, blue, pink or pastels.  This is to ensure that the photos retain a light, airy feel and that the focus is all on the baby and your connection, rather than a brightly coloured distracting top.  I would also recommend denim jeans, or light trousers.

For siblings please stay away from dressing them in anything with a large logo or any character based clothing, instead keep them dressed in simple clothing of the above mentioned colours.

cute baby asleep
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