'You must have so many amazing photos of your kids'

Is what I hear all the time!  Truth is I do, but it scares me how many have just sat on my computer because I never have the time to look at them, edit them, sort them or print them!

This year, I have decided to challenge myself to take pictures of my kids every day with a 365 project.  I bought a smaller camera, the Sony A6000 so that I don’t have to carry my big DSLR about with me.  This way I can take decent images that I can print and not fill my phone with meaningless, useless photos that I can’t.

I have made four rules for myself to ensure I stick to this:

Keep the camera in my bag

Edit the photos every month

Share my favourites at the end of every month

Set myself goals to learn for the next month

This way I am accountable to my website and anyone that reads it to ensure that, unlike other years, my images store up and store up and become so overwhelming that I don’t ever edit and sort them.

So Here are my top 5 images from January 2019!

Next months goals…

This month it’s been grey and cold so we have been inside a lot.  My key takeaway is that I would like to:

Understand how to use my new camera better in really low light (I.e when the boys are asleep in bed and there is no window light and the bedroom light is low).  I know how to control my ISO but I want to play around with different light sources I think to create better opportunities to capture them inside…  Will report back next month!